Judy’s Punch is the big bangin’ publication out of which the universe (aka us, the Women’s Department) was formed. Our section of UMSU’s glorious and unwieldy Constitution states that one of our aims and objectives is “to facilitate a collective to produce the Women’s publication, Judy’s Punch, at least once per year”
So here we are!

Flip through stacks of mags and zines and everything in between for inspiration. Talk about what you want to see in this year’s edition. And feel free bring along some writing or art to workshop with fellow creatives.

This collective will run twice more in Semester 1 (most likely weeks 8 and 12).

This is an autonomous collective, open to woman-identifying and non-binary students.

Arts Lab is at the end of the corridor on the 3rd floor of Union House, with entry via the stairwell (it is accessible for wheelchair users, no climbing of stairs required!)

Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/909578389215002/