Orientation Camp is the best way to kick-start your new life at the VCA/MCM!

Party all weekend, meet new friends, swim in a lake, dance all night and remember it for the rest of your life. By the time you get to Orientation Week, you’ll find that instead of standing in a crowd of strangers, you’ll be surrounded by friends. Orientation Camp is open to all first-year students of ANY course, however, spots are limited so get your forms in quickly! A bachelor degree from the VCA/MCM is a surefire way to lose your already non-existent social life so come live it whilst you can. All non-campers will be brimming with jealousy when you reveal your wild “this one time, on O’camp” stories.

Important Information

When: Friday the 17th to Sunday the 19th February
Where: PGL Campaspe Downs, Kyneton
How Many: Spots are limited so make sure you apply ASAP!
Course Restrictions: Open to any course!
Uni Restrictions: All Melbourne Uni undergrad students only
Watch this space for more information including ticket sales coming out in January, so make sure you click attending so you don’t miss out!

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