To welcome everyone back to uni this semester we’re having a picnic. But not just any picnic, that’s right! A dog picnic! That means we’d like you AND your dog to attend this event, but if you just want to hang out and meet some dogs that is cool too. This will be the first of many dog events that we will be hosting this year.

Meet us on South lawn at 12pm.
Memberships will be available on the day for $5, which will get you free lunch at this, and every future PAWS Dog Picnic. If you’re interested in being more than a member let one of us who are on the commitee know as we are currently looking for 2 more commitee members to help us plan events, for the dogs man!

There will be free pizza for members at 1. If you are bringing your dog, make sure they are good with peoole and other dogs as there may be a lot of them at this event. We highly encourage that you bring their favorite toy or their bed in case they get stressed out. Unfortunately South Lawn is an on leash area and restricted dog breeds are not allowed on campus. Lastly make sure you clean up after your dog, let’s keep south lawn looking as good as always aye.