Hey SEE-mates!
Thank you all for coming last week, it was a blast! This week we’ll be playing the king of all tournaments, that’s right folks, bring your virtual rackets this Friday because we will be having a Wii Sports Tennis tournament! :O *do do do do do do dooooo* The tournament will be played in teams of 2, with the victors sharing the coveted box of Favourites (if you do not wish to share with your teammate, you must play off against them to determine who gets the chocolates at the end). 😀
If tennis isn’t your thing, or if you’re feeling like something a little less competitive, not to worry, we will have all of our usual consoles set up as always, with food and drink provided. 😊 Please feel free to bring your handhelds (including Switches, DS’, 3DS’ and PSVitas)! 😀
A friendly reminder that following the session on Friday will be SEE’s Trivia Night from 6-9pm in the Members Lounge, so feel free to stick around for that too! ^_^ https://www.facebook.com/events/194817981285620/

We’d 30-Love to SEE you there!
Your SEE Committee