Hey there!
Come join SlavSoc for a delicious journey across the Baltics with our Slavic Food Crawl on the 16th of April!
We’ll be meeting at 1 pm at Melbourne Central, then visiting cafes and restaurants featuring cuisine from Serbia, Poland, Russia and more – just so we can be our best fattest selves 😉
If you’re wondering what to bring, make sure you have:
– Your myki
– Money to buy all those yummy goodies
– Mask
– A big appetite
The places we’ll be visiting are:
Babka, Chevap Grill, Europa and Truffles Patisserie – and more if we see anything along the way
Hope to see you there 😊
Please remember:
– DO NOT attend the event if you are feeling unwell
– You must wear a mask on public transport and comply with COVID-safe procedures at all times
– You must have downloaded the COVIDSafe Tracker App and running on your phone
Agreeing and participating in these event procedures ensures that all members stay safe and healthy and we thank you for that ❤️