In week 5 it will be Wellness Week: the week of being well and healthy. So come and carve your own healthy wooden spoons to serve some healthy salad or stir your healthy stir fry.

All materials and tools will be provided, but feel free to bring your own tools or special wood that came from your garden or wherever you like.

We will be coating the spoons with linseed oil, if you are allergic to it let me know and I might be able to get something else like mineral oil or walnut oil.

There will be one workshop on Monday and another on Tuesday, if you are unavailable for both of these days, I might be able to arrange another on a different day.

IMPORTANT: you must have done level 1 and 2 training to enter the workshop. see link below.

WARNING: As with any woodworking, the tools will be sharp and you may cut yourself if you are not careful, if you follow my instructions you should be fine. There will be first aid available.

Laurie Williamson