COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, but Australia’s broken and outdated drug policies still need fixing. Now is a great time to get involved! We’ve been actively running social events and campaigns this year, but we’d love to start discussing with you how we can keep building our community and make a real impact in 2022:
****We’re holding our online Annual General Meeting (AGM)
13th September 2020 at 6pm – 7pm****
And you’re invited to attend! This year, we’re opening up additional Executive Committee positions for others to join our committee… We currently have the below positions available for nomination:
Committee Member (x4) – pending amendment to the constitution
You can nominate yourself at the AGM to be considered for these positions or fill in this nomination form so we can help you make an informed decision about stepping into an executive role. We will get back to you about any questions queries and comments you may have!
SSDP UniMelb Annual General Meeting 2021
Sep 13, 2021 06:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
Meeting ID: 996 0759 4000
If you haven’t received an email from us with the documents (Agenda etc.), then sign up here to become a member.
We hope to see you all soon 🙂
Students for Sensible Drug Policy at The University of Melbourne (SSDP Unimelb)