Start of Uni Party [SoUP]

Wednesday, March 6 2019
North Court, Union House

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UPDATE: Tickets are now available online – click here!

Some crusty old professor said that “School should be the best party in town” here at UMSU we say “Goals AF” and so we’re bringing you Start of Uni Party (SOUP) The hottest party of SummerFest!

Featuring a DJ spinning the hottest tracks, pizza drops on the reg and drink price points last seen in the early 00’s.

SOUP is your chance to show off your party side, as you bust out your best moves as you get “Dancing with a stranger” who just might end up becoming your new best friend.
(Or at the very least the person you turn to when you’re seriously behind on the notes from that lecture you seem to never attend.)

I mean let’s face it, at some point in the year your mind is going to feel like it’s melting from excessive exposure to knowledge (gross, right) so before things get sticky, you owe it to yourself to have a SOUPer time.

As that beacon of essential life advice Tara Reid once said “Why is partying and having a good time, bad?” It’s not Tara. It’s not.

Feeling 20-9-keen? Grab a tenner and head to the UMSU Activities marquee at SummerFest Carnival Day (Tuesday Feb 26) to snap up a ticket. If there are any left after that, you’ll be able to snap up the remainder online. This is an 18+ event.

Please remember we’re all here for the good vibes, so please, please, please don’t harsh anyone’s vibe and ruin the night. Be respectful and kind and we’ll all have a great time. Be the self that you’d like to meet!