SummerFest Clubs Day #1

27 February 2019
South Lawn

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UMSU is bringing you TWO huge Clubs Days for SummerFest!

Always a highlight of the festival program, Clubs Days give you the chance to experience the vibrant array of UMSU-affiliated clubs, meet new people and score an indecent amount of freebies and giveaways.

Clubs and their representatives will be vying for your attention on South Lawn from 11am – 3pm across both days. Can’t make it on 27 February? Join us on 28 February instead!

Signing up with a club (or four!) is a great way to get the most out of Uni life while exploring the things you’re passionate about. Find your new crew with UMSU!

Here’s who you’ll be meeting at Clubs Expo on 27 February:

Student Theatre Groups:

  • Chinese Theatre Group
  • Flare Dance Ensemble
  • Floor Work
  • Four Letter Word Theatre
  • Melbourne Uni Law Revue
  • MU Modern Theatre
  • Mudcrabs – Melbourne Uni Comedy Revue Board
  • MUSC – Melbourne Uni Shakespeare Company (MUSC)
  • Piano and Music Society (PAMS)
  • Uni Melb Music Theatre Association (UMMTA)

Clubs & Societies:

  • Accounting Students Association
  • AIESEC in Melbourne
  • ALP Club
  • Amnesty International
  • Animal Protection Society (UMAPS)
  • Archicle
  • ASEAN Students of Melbourne University
  • Australasian Association
  • Australian Red Cross Club
  • Australian South Asian Healthcare Society
  • Australian Wall Street
  • Biological Society of the University of Melbourne (BSUM)
  • Bollywood Club
  • Book Club
  • Chess Club
  • Chinese Culture Society
  • Chinese Food Hunter Club
  • Chinese History and Garment Society
  • Chinese Literati Society
  • Chocolate Lovers Society
  • Choral Society
  • Christian Union
  • Classics and Archaeology Society
  • Coffee Appreciation For Enthusiasts
  • Commerce Students Society
  • Construction Students Association
  • Design and Environments Student Society (DESS)
  • divTech
  • Economics Student Society of Australia
  • Embrace Education
  • Engineering Music Society
  • E-sport Association
  • FAS2 Fantasy & Science Fiction Appreciation Society
  • Filipino Students Association
  • Film Society
  • Finance Student Association
  • Financial Management Association of Australia
  • Folding our Futures
  • Food Interest Group
  • Fotoholics – Photography Club
  • French Club
  • Friends of Unnatural Llamas (F.O.U.L.)
  • Greek Association (MUnGA)
  • Healthy Eating and Nutrition Society
  • History Society
  • Indonesian Students Association
  • Indonesian Studies and Language Association
  • International Commerce Students Society
  • International Vietnamese Students at the University of Melbourne
  • Language Exchange Club
  • Lebanese Students Society
  • Let’s Talk Conversation Group
  • Macedonian Student Society
  • Mahjong Club
  • Malaysians of Melbourne University
  • Mandarin Language Club
  • Mathematics & Statistics Society
  • Media and Communications Student Society
  • Melbourne Biotechnology Club
  • Melbourne Microfinance Initiative
  • Melbourne United Nations Society
  • Middle Eastern Students Society
  • Music Students Society
  • Overseas Christian Fellowship (O.C.F)
  • Oxfam Group
  • Pakistani Society
  • PAWS (Pals of All Woofers Society)
  • Physics Students Society
  • Pirates
  • planetUNI
  • Political Interest Society
  • Potter Heads
  • Power to Change (Disciplemakers)
  • Publishing Students Society
  • Reason Uni Melb
  • Reformed Evangelical Fellowship
  • Ring of Choir
  • Rural Students Society
  • Singapore Students Society
  • Socialist Alternative
  • Society for Electronic Entertainment
  • Solidarity Student Club
  • Sri Lankan Students Association
  • Students Arise – Learning To Serve
  • Students Assoc. of Management and Marketing
  • Students For Christ
  • Survivor Club
  • Tabletop Gaming Society
  • Tea Appreciation Society
  • Toastmasters
  • Transit Riders Alliance for Melbourne Students
  • Vegan Club
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Women in Science and Engineering (W.I.S.E.)
  • Women in Technology
  • Youtube Association Society
  • Yunnan Student Society