Host Campus Tours

Joining a Host Campus Tour is a great way to start your life at uni!

It’s a way to meet new people and get acclimatised to the Unimelb campus, with plenty of chances to socialise with other new students from your faculty.

What are Host Campus Tours?

UMSU’s Host Program runs campus tours which give you an opportunity to meet a bunch of students from your course, go on a tour of the campus and get some tips and tricks on enjoying uni life! We welcome all students and are excited to meet you at a Host Campus Tour on 2017 SummerFest carnival Day (Tuesday 21 February).

If you’re looking for a specific host on the day, they will be wearing the following coloured lanyards:

  • Arts – Royal Blue
  • Biomedicine – Red
  • Commerce – Pale Blue
  • Design – Orange
  • Environments & Agriculture – Gold
  • Music – Purple
  • Science – Green
  • VCA – Bright Yellow (Bright yellow)


  • Check your emails, text messages and even your Facebook messages: Hosts will be attempting to contact their student groups in a variety of ways, so please be on the lookout for messages from them. When you DO hear from your Host, we ask that you please message them back to confirm you have received their invitation.
  • Go with friends: If you receive a direct invitation from your Host, you must attend the tour with them. However, if you fail to hear from a Host assigned to you but you have friends who are attending a tour with a different Host, feel free to tag along with them! Simply make sure it’s okay with your friend’s Host before you join their tour.
  • Didn’t get a host? If you weren’t allocated a host, if you get lost or don’t know who your Host is, please feel free to approach one of the friendly people in white SummerFest shirts and ask to be included. They’ll also wearing balloons so you can’t miss them!

Additional tours will be leaving from the UMSU Info Desk in Union House and the Mentoring marquee on South Lawn between 10am and 3pm.

How do I find a tour and a tour Host?

Don’t worry if you can’t find your faculty-specific tour on the day. Feel free to join another one – you’ll meet lots of interesting people! Just look for the friendly students wearing purple T shirts and carrying balloons.

Current hosts

Current hosts can book, view and alter their training sessions using the following link: http://host.engagementprogram.com/Student/LogOn


Send us an email at hosts@union.unimelb.edu.au