Archicle is here to help students. And what do Design students need more than a much-needed sleep and free food and materials? We can’t think of a lot of things, either. Well, while we can’t help you get the sleep you deserve, we can definitely get cheap materials for all your weird and wonderful projects! As this is an Archicle event, there will definitely be free food and drinks for you to munch on at the event! As Archicle collects and reuses materials, we would love for you to donate materials that you don’t need while eating and sipping on food that we’ll be getting for you guys! And for those who need cheap materials, Archicle’s got you covered, as well! Just come to the event and see the wide range of materials we have for you guys (Some of it, even free!) We might even have some past construction design students who would love to talk to you in case you need any help. 😉