Guess what? Transphobia is still a thing! Unimelb still hasn’t publicly condemned recent transphobia at Unimelb, and still doesn’t see the issue with high-profile TERFs teaching “Feminism” courses. We’ll be at Old Arts (Arts West side) from 2:30pm.
We will be rallying at Old Arts at 2:30pm to demand that:
1. Unimelb stop promoting transphobia in our courses;
2. Unimelb condemn the transphobic website “noconflicttheysaid”;
3. Academic freedom – Yes! Hate speech – No!
Amy Bright (UMSU Queer Officer)
Senator Janet Rice (Greens Senator for Victoria)
Brittney Henderson (UMSU Indigenous Council Representative)
Srishti Chatterjee (UMSU Women’s Officer)
Dr. Hannah McCann (Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies, NTEU Branch Committee)