Tabletop Gaming Society

Do you love board games, but feel intimidated by our extensive, non-mainstream collection? Never to fear, Welcome to the Table is here!

This is an all-inclusive event, designed so members of all skill levels can come and learn a variety of different games that they have never played before. The committee and some volunteers will be teaching any game you’d like to learn, particularly those well-suited to newcomers. You’ll exercise your bluffing skills, strategy, teamwork, and clever devilishness and more with the games we have in store!

Where: Members Lounge
When: Friday 15th of March, 5-9pm
How much: Gold coin entry for non-members, free for members.
Food: Pizza and soft drinks will be provided!

Existing and experiences TGS members are welcome to attend, however, we ask that they:
– Not pull out their own games
– Refrain from directly teaching a game and leave that to staff
– Mingle with people not in their usual groups
This event will act as a welcoming space for newcomers and we wish you to respect our efforts to achieve that!

Union House, Tin Alley, University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC 3010