The Rehearsal | Yundi Wang and Evelyn Pohl

The Rehearsal, an entree for the physical upcoming exhibition The Musical, is a series of weekly episodes posted on Instagram. It is a brave love story that defies the barriers of long-distance relationships. Much like a new love interest, it could be moving, impulsive and unforgettable.


Yundi Wang and Evelyn Pohl are Melbourne based artists studying at Victoria College of the Arts. They’re in the same year level in the Painting department, yet their love story did not begin until they travelled through a university class to Venice in 2019. Amongst the Gondolas and Italian cheese, their friendship deepened, and the romance blossomed. Upon returning to Melbourne they shared magical moments when they stuck into the music department and played the baby grand pianos to each other. They would sit in their go-to Vietnamese restaurant for hours just to talk to each other for a bit longer. In all this talking and idea forging, they began creating a concept for GPG.

‘The Rehearsal’, week 2 Evelyn Pohl and Yundi Wang, Instagram performance still, May 2020