Sustainability – a word that is all too familiar with us Environmental Engineering kids and growing within every other professional sector in the world.

Clearly an important topic of discussion, MUEES (helpers: Civilian buddies, MUCSS) have decided to bring you a night of passion, knowledge and opportunities through “Towards Sustainability – An Industry Panel”.

Industry professionals from leading sustainability-focused companies will come together to form our ‘panel of experts’ in answering (from their opinions and experiences in projects) as to:
– why sustainability has, over the past 20 years, become an increasingly crucial element in providing engineering solutions? and;
– how current and future engineering solutions have been incorporating sustainability measures in addressing today’s resource demanding world?

The event will run for approximately 2 hours, the first hour of which will be devoted to a series of 15 minute presentations from industry representatives.
This will be followed by refreshments and opportunities for networking between students and the industry panel.

We look forward to you, our passionate members, in joining us on this exciting night ahead and see how truly important engineers are in keeping this world alive!

MUEES – https://www.facebook.com/environmentalengineerssociety?fref=ts
MUCSS – https://www.facebook.com/groups/MUCS.Society/?fref=ts