Come to South Lawn and meet half the Clubs and Societies. You can join just one or many, but don’t miss this opportunity! Enjoy free offerings of sno-cones, show bags, lollies, fairy floss and whatever else the clubs are giving away.

Who are these clubs? Find out here.

At Friday’s Expo you can meet:

Actuarial Students’ Society
Adventist Students On Campus
African Club
AIESEC Melbourne
ALP Club
Amnesty International
Art History Student Society
Arts Students Society
Australasian Association
Australia China Youth Association
Australian Red Cross
Australian Youth Climate Coalition
Banking on Women
Biomedical Engineering Society
Biomedicine Students’ Society
Breakdancing Club
Buddhist Studies Society
Calligraphy Club
Campus Refugee Rights Club
Cantonese Christian Fellowship
Card Crew
Cast On Charity Group
Chemical Engineering Students’ Society
Chinese Chess Club
Chinese Debating Group
Chinese Music Group
Chocolate Lovers’ Society
Choral Society
Christian Union
Cider Appreciation Society
Classics and Archaeology Student’s Society
Coffee Appreciation For Enthusiasts
Dhoom Medical Charity
Ecuador Vive
Electrical Engineering Club
Engineering Music Society
Engineers Without Borders Unimelb
Environments Students Society (Envi.)
Fantasy and Science Fiction Appreciation Society
Filmmakers Collaborative
Finance Students’ Association
Financial Engineering Club
Financial Management Association of Australia
Food Interest Group
Graduate Organisation of Development Students (GOODS)
Greens on Campus
Heavy Metal Club
Indian Club (MUIC)
Indonesian Campus Ministries
International Commerce Student Society
International Students Travel Group
International Vietnamese Students at UoM
Japanese Club
Korean Student Society (MUKSS)
Language Exchange Club
Lawn Bowls
Linguists Interpreting Nuanced Garbling
Marketing Intelligence
Mathematics and Statistics Society
MBS Sports Club
Media and Communications Student Society
Melbourne Microfinance Initiative
Monarchist Society of Victoria
MUR Motorsports
Overseas Christian Fellowship
Pakistani Society
Philosophy Community
Political Interest Society
Pool Club
Potter Heads
Publishing Student Society
Ring Of Choir
Science Students’ Society
Sri Lankan Students Association
Students’ Association of Management and Marketing
Students For Christ
Students for Palestine
Taiwanese Students’ Association
United States of America Society
University Student Fleet
Vegan Club
Wildlife Conservation Society
Wine Society
Women in ICT
Wu Cultural Society