Come to South Lawn and meet half the Clubs and Societies. You can join just one or many, but don’t miss this opportunity! Enjoy free offerings of sno-cones, show bags, lollies, fairy floss and whatever else the clubs are giving away.

Who are these clubs? Find out here.

Or come back Friday to meet the other clubs!

At Thursday’s Expo you can meet:

Accounting Students’ Association
Amigos de la Lengua Espanola
Animal Protection Society
Anime and Manga Club
Apollo Health Music Society
Architecture and Building Association
Astronomical Society
Bhakti Yoga Club
Book Club
Brew Club
Canadian Club
Cantonese Student Association
Catholics of One Spirit Down Under
Celtic Club
Chess Club
China Rural Education Initiative
Chinese Culture Society
Chinese Philosophy in Business
Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Community Based Health Project
Computing and Information Systems Students Association
Consistently Amazing Kitchen Endeavours
Cosmic Hitchhikers Appreciation Society
Debating Society
Disney Appreciation Society
Economics Student Society of Australia
Engineering Student’s Club
Environmental Engineers’ Society
Filipino Student Association
Film Society
Freedom Society
French Club
Friends of Unnatural Llamas
Geographical Society
Greek Association (MUnGA)
Habitat for Humanity
Hong Kong Students’ Association
Indonesian Students Association
Indonesian Studies & Language Association
International Relations Society
Islamic Society
Italian Social Club
Jewish Students Society
Juggling Club
Korean Christian Group (G4R)
Labor Club
Latin America 1
Let’s Talk Conversation Group
Liberal Club
Mahjong Club
Malaysians of Melbourne University (MoMU)
Martial Arts Academy
Mechanical Engineering Student Society
More Beer!
Motorcycle Club
Music Interest Club
Myanmar Student Association
New Zealand Students Society
Oaktree club
Oxfam Group
Physics Students’ Society
Psychology Association
Reformed Evangelical Fellowship
Russian Society
Save The Children Club
Scandinavian Club
Secular Society
Singapore Students’ Society
Soccer Appreciation Society
Socialist Alternative
Society for Electronic Entertainment
Solidarity Student Club
Street Workout and Calisthenics Club
Student Exchange Society
Student Life (Disciplemakers)
Students Arise Learning To Serve
Tabletop Gaming Society
Thai Student Association
Tzu Chi Collegiate Association
University Network for Investing and Trading
Vietnamese Students’ Association
Women in Science and Engineering
Woodworkers od Melbourne University
Woofers Appreciation Guild
World Vision VGen
Youth Charity Society