Stay Home, Stay Connected

In response to the COVID-19 coronavirus, students have either been forced to fly back to their home countries or to stay indoors as part of social distancing and self-isolation measures.

Not only does this strip the students of the chance to make new connections during said social events, but it also pushes students into long periods at home or away from home without physical contact, which can be detrimental to one’s health, both physically and mentally.

Hence, UMSU Intl has decided on creating a series of social events over 4 weeks as part of the Stay Home Stay Connected Month to help students reconnect with the community and/or to remind them of home.

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Check this out for the timetable for all our events:

The events are as follows:
1) Stay Home, Stay Social (In Collaboration with UniMelb Love Letters)

  • The event will involve two online zoom sessions every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1-2pm in which participants will be separated into smaller groups (breakout rooms) of around 5-6 where they will spend 25 minutes getting to know each other.
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2) Stay Home, Stay Fit (In Collaboration with UKC, Flare)

3) Stay Home, Stay Learning (In Collaboration with Language Exchange Club)

  • This is a collaboration with the Language Exchange Club to open up their weekly Zoom language learning sessions of beginner/intermediate Chinese, Japanese and Korean to non-members as well as members, allowing all students the chance to use this period to destress in a fun yet productive way.
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  • 4) Stay Home, Stay Fed (In Collaboration with Unimelb’s CAKE club)
  • This project is in collaboration with Unimelb’s CAKE Club that aims to showcase the appreciation of different cultures through food dishes. This will be achieved by posting two cooking tutorials and two baking tutorials per week, for four weeks on UMSU International’s Facebook page and YouTube account. Each week, we will be presenting a different cuisine in order to promote as many different cultures as possible.
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5) Stay Home, Stay Employable (In collaboration with Careers & Employability Stop 1)

  • Now is a great time to develop your career goals and an action plan. Thus, UMSU International and careers & employability team are now delivering our support and services online.
  • Want to discover how to find out the latest job trends and future predictions to be informed for networking, job applications and interviews? Attend this practical workshop and learn how to research your future career using labour market websites, industry reports, employer lists, and company reviews.
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📢Stay Tuned for more information!!