With iso-cooking and iso-baking being the new norm, UMSU International is proud to present: 🍳 Stay Home, Stay Fed 🥧 !!

We are excited to share with you some of our recipes so you‘ll never be bored or left hungry at home. Our dishes are easy to make with accessible ingredients, and gram story worthy too! 😉

In collaboration with CAKE Club, we will be posting 2 cooking and 2 baking  tutorials to our Facebook event per week. Click Interested or Going to stay updated.

Students who share their meals/desserts on this event page, using our recipes will be entered into a lucky draw! There will be a prize given to baking and another for cooking each week. Only Unimelb students are eligible for the lucky draw, but all students are welcome to share their dishes!

This event is part of UMSU International’s Stay Home, Stay Connected Month.