Secular Society 2016 Annual General Meeting

Fellow secularists,
In week 6 we will be holding our Annual General Meeting, the single most important event of the year in which we review the club’s performance over the past year and elect a new committee.
Details for the AGM are as follows:

Time: 12:15pm on Tuesday 30th August
Place: Graham Cornish A, Union House
Food: Free pizza!

Attend the event online:

The agenda for the meeting is attached to this email. We need to reach quorum of 20 people in order to stay affiliated with the student union, so we really appreciate everyone able to take the time to come along. We also encourage anyone who may be interested to consider nominating themselves for a position on the new committee. The positions available can be seen in the attached document. Don’t worry if you don’t have experience with clubs – we are keen to have anyone on board who is enthusiastic about helping the club!

At this particular Annual General Meeting we will also consider an amendment to the constitution, appending a new section outlining grievance procedures, thereby ensuring our constitution is compliant with new Student Union guidelines. The full text of this proposed amendment can be found in the attached file.

If you have any questions please feel free to reply to this email, or message the committee on the facebook group.
See you at the AGM!

The UMSS Committee