Round 2 of trivia with DESS is here! Come join us on Friday nights over Zoom and use Kahoot to join in the trivia!

This week’s topic is: TV, Film and Music!

Uni’s hit us like Chromatica II into 911. All those nights of Netflix & Chill will finally be put to good use! Let’s not forget our local legend ‘lofi hip-hop radio – beats to relax/study to.’

Prizes are up for grab! A $25 Uber Eats voucher as the weekly prize. If you keep playing each week, your points will add up and go towards an overall grand prize of $50 for Uber Eats ($25 for second and third too!).


1. Become a DESS member if you want to receive a prize
2. Bring your snacks and beverages of choice
3. Join the Zoom call (link posted on the day)
4. Join the trivia with Kahoot! (game code posted on the day)
5. WIN!
6. Come back each week to accumulate more points and win the overall prize!

See you all there!