UMSU Host Program – Campus Tours

Joining a Host Campus Tour is a great way to start your life at uni!

It’s a way to meet new people and get acclimatised to the Unimelb campus, with plenty of chances to socialise with other new students from your faculty.

What are Host Campus Tours?

UMSU’s Host Program runs campus tours which give new students an opportunity to meet a bunch people from your course, go on a tour of the campus and get some tips and tricks on enjoying uni life!

New students are all welcomed to join our host tour on Wednesday 19th July!! We hope you are excited to make new friends and get to know the campus. You can find the meet up place and time according your faculties. Rock up to the meet up place on the day and you’ll be assigned in a group with our lovely hosts.

The meet up place and time are

Arts: 10.00 am Baillieu Library (I13 on the map)
Design/Environment: 10.00am MSD (Elizabeth Murdoch entry) (F18 on the map)
Music: 10.00 am Conservatorium
Science: 11.30 am (Please note that the host tour is the same one as The science 101 tour that science faculty provided)
Commerce: 12.00 University Square (O15 on the map)

On the day, if you can’t find your faculty-specific tour on the day. Feel free to join another one – you’ll meet lots of interesting people! Just look for the friendly students wearing purple T shirts  during Winterfest.