Close Manus!
Close Nauru!
Bring Them Here!

Join the University of Melbourne Student Union and other community organisations this World Refugee Day to campaign for human refugee policy.

Detention on Manus has been declared illegal by PNG and the cruelty and despair on Nauru has led to two people setting themselves on fire. Come to a pre-election World Refugee Day protest to demand that politicians end offshore processing, free the refugees and BRING THEM HERE.

Peter Dutton and Malcolm Turnbull have disgracefully tried to scapegoat refugees for their own failure to deliver on jobs. But we know whoever wins the election we will have a fight on our hands to Close Manus and Nauru. This rally can be an important signal that the fight for refugee rights will continue after the election.

We need to keep up the momentum of the LET THEM STAY campaign and deepen the movement for refugee rights to demand that Manus and Nauru together with all the detention camps are closed, and that the major parties end their support for the detention and punishment of refugees.

Speakers include:
Adam Bandt – Greens MP,
Mohammad Baqiri – refugee activist and Afghan refugee, speaker from Victorian Trades Hall Council
Louise Newman – Doctors for Refugees
Angelica Panopoulos – High school student