Want to know a little bit more about modern slavery? 

Stressing about life after graduation?

Have any buddling questions you want to get off your chest?

Join us for our first Q&A with a panel of young professionals that are currently working in the modern slavery field! From working in the research sector to the corporate sector, learn about the different ways people are currently fighting modern slavery now + some tips about finding a job in the NGO field.

To submit questions for the panel to answer in our live Q&A – enter it through here!

https://app.sli.do/event/rwcaecx6 OR go to www.slido.com and enter in the code #45538

Grab a cup of tea/coffee/your go-to beverage since we’ll be seeing everyone on ZOOM at 7 PM


Meeting ID: 835 5525 5575

Password: 523794