Successful HJC Incredibly Top: Takes Out National Award For Service, Decor

Wednesday, 1 April, 2015

In a move finally recognising its unique qualities, Union House’s HJC Bar has taken out a national award for service and decor.

The Student Organisations’ Service & Hospitality Institute Tertiary award is given to the best bar or café located near or serving a tertiary institution, with HJC beating out dozens of competitors.

“HJC is a profitable, lively hub of university life – and we look forward to it remaining this way for many years,” said award committee chair Ron Creyman.

The bar turned a $6.2 million profit last year, with its liquor licensing costs being offset by sales of its popular crepes.

The award for the venue follows a string of other wins for MUSUL, which oversees and issues tenancies in Union House.

Union House’s Prontos Pizza won the Italian Association’s ‘Authentic Italian Pizza’ award in 2013, while the Union House food court as a whole was recognised with a national hygiene standards compliance award in 2012 and won the ‘Australian Fresh and Healthy Eating’ award in 2014.

The coveted Service & Hospitality Institute Tertiary award has been previously awarded to Monash University’s Wholefoods collective restaurant, which was subsequently converted into a steakhouse.

“Sydney’s iconic Manning and Hermann’s bars, the NSW-based Scubar, La Trobe’s Eagle Bar, UNSW’s live music-based Roundhouse – all these were close seconds, but HJC had something special,” Creyman said.

“All the décor really works together – there’s a consistent theme running through HJC. You can really sum up the whole bar with one clear word,” he said.

Student Representative Chair Patty Clard praised both overseer MUSUL and HJC.

“When you think of good, efficient, fantastic service – when you think of someone that both looks after their customers and gets the bottom line right – you think of them,” she said.

“They really bring a new meaning to old fashioned service”.

Happy 1st April.