A Day In The Life of a Student from Woop Woop

Monday, 20 April, 2015

Welcome to the world of the travelling student. You won’t find any wanderlust tattoos or posts from our Contiki Tour through Europe, but rather a land of horrific alarm times, sardine-like crowds and the insane and incessant beeping of mykis.

Travelling students, much like their peers, have ups and downs as to how excited they are about the university day ahead. However, us poor out-of-towners pay a heftier price than our fellow College Conveniencers – we suffer the burden of the commute. We battle through peak hour traffic and hold our breath next to that unshowered man who, of course, just sat next to us on the train. And this awful fate awaits us campus immigrants every day, dragging down our moods before the sun has even come up.

While you may ask why this dreadful world exists, all of the commuters waiting for the train will just dangle our heads and hopelessly sigh. The harsh reality is, we’re that friend who can’t afford rent, we’re that kid who loves their parents too much to move out and we’re that softy who drawls over nanna’s apple pie and longs for her sloppy smooch at the end of the day.

Given our struggle through this arduous travel, don’t you think your non-local peers deserve a hug and some sympathy? While some of us may claim the bags under our eyes are Chanel-chic while we continue to grin and bear it, others will cower at the time invested into getting their sorry souls to that not-so-necessary lecture.

So as we slug alongside the late night gamers, the hung-over party-goers and other zombie-like figures of campus, please feel free to give us a hug and show your support. We spend the whole day feeling sorry for ourselves and it’d be really nice to share the load. I’ve also heard free food does just the trick.

Trust me, you don’t know Mondayitis until you wake up at 5 to make an 8am class.