AGMs galore

Saturday, 27 June, 2015

Annual General Meeting (AGM) season is in full swing, as AGMs are being held across campus with new committees being voted in and old ones departing.

AGMs are an opportunity for enthusiastic Jaffys as well as existing members to get involved and become a part of a club committee, or just to learn more about the particular club and how they function.

Two of the largest clubs at Melbourne University, Melbourne University Arts Students Society (M-ASS) and Science Students Society (SSS) recently held their AGMs.

Both clubs are welcoming new executive committee members, as well as changes to how the clubs are run.

One key item on the agenda this year for both clubs was to find ways to accommodate their wide range of members. In recognising that all their members are different and want different things, M-ASS and SSS plan to make changes to cater to this diversity.

M-ASS have changed the role of the Education Officer, to the newly titled, Education and Welfare Officer, in pursuit of focusing more on the wellbeing of their members.

With a shift in the role description, prominent issues such as mental illness are some of the things M-ASS wants to address. The committee aspires to do so by continuing to be welcoming to all students and by holding more events such as the Stress Less BBQ.

Nicholas Hynes and Marlo Zambelli, respectively M-ASS President and Vice President, aim to continue the work of former President and Vice President Ryan Davey and Gabriel Caluzzi by organising a broad range of events that appeal to as many M-ASS members as possible.

“We have already taken steps to ensure that the committee operates effectively for our 2,500+ member base, including restructuring the marketing portfolio and facilitating ticket re-sales through M-ASS,” said Nicholas, incumbent M-ASS President.

“We are looking to launch new events across both semesters to meet growing demand and to appeal to a broader range of members. Towards the end of semester two we will host the inaugural M-ASS Graduates Ball, aimed at third years and above. We are also looking at options for a wider variety of faculty and academic events to supplement our parties and pub nights,” explained Marlo, incumbent M-ASS Vice President.

On a similar note, SSS also wants to see the club accommodate to more students and a wider range of interests.

“This includes more social events and more connections to industry for under-grad and post-grad students. We hope to bring back the semester two party and to ensure the longevity of the club so it can be enjoyed for many years to come,” said Jacinta, the new SSS President.


M-ASS 2015/2016 committee members:

President: Nicholas Hynes

Vice President: Marlo Zambelli

Treasurer: Daniel Sango

Secretary: Maddie Downes

Education and Welfare Officer: Casey Jennings

Events: Calvin Ho and Alex Fielden

Sponsorship: Katie Hamilton and Katie Nikolaou

Marketing: Rory McCormick and Anna Theris

Publications: Bridie Pamment

Media Officer: Andrew Harris

BBQ Reps: Will Pamment and James Baker


SSS 2015/2016 committee members:

President: Jacinta Cooper

Vice President: Marcus Blake

Secretary: Alice Marks

Treasurer: Georgia Parker

Education officer: Jarad Barber

On campus officer: Jaden Devine

Off campus officer: Cassie Cooke

Membership: Kenny Ma

Advertising: Sabine Audige

Sponsorship: Carmen Wardle

Merchandise: Elijah Ziegeler

BBQ officer: Xander Jones

Queen JAFFY: Jacob Trzebinski

Pub liaison: Alex Paporakis