Election caused bans on Holocaust mentions

Tuesday, 9 September, 2014


This year’s UMSU student elections included a ban on mentions of the Holocaust, as well as another ban on grounds of assault.

There also accusations on the grounds of Holocaust denial between members of Fresh and Left Action. Returning Officer for the election Jaimie Adam prohibited anyone from mentioning it for the remainder of the election period. The ban remained in place even after the case was dropped on the grounds of unsubstantial evidence.

One ruling banned Stand Up! Education (Public) candidate Nathaniel Seddon-Smith from campaigning for the entire week after allegations of physical violence towards a member of Left Action. Seddon-Smith is pending possible further punishment by the electoral tribunal.

Adam admitted students were not all receptive to the bans. “Not everyone appreciated the censorship, but it’s a very hard thing to police when we aren’t there,” he said.