Exam Relief – Music Previews with Jack

Friday, 3 July, 2015

So it’s the end of the first week of exam period. If you are an arts or environments student you have probably seen your first glimpse of sunlight since the start of SWOTVAC, dropping what seems like your life’s work into the abyss of the submission slot. It’s definitely time to celebrate. Those in science, biomed and business, you are probably crying out for mercy, listening to the lecturer at double speed because you can not take their monotone rambling any longer. You may think there is no time to go out, that you must keep studying, but I promise there is another way. Go to one of these gigs!

Art Of Sleeping – with Jesse Davidson and Sunbeam Sound Machine

When Rebecca Black proclaimed that we “gotta get down on Friday”, she was not asking. There was no proviso that you had to be finished studying and with a gig this good, there are no excuses. Art of Sleeping are returning to Melbourne for the second time this year following their sold out January tour. After two years in the studio, the Brisbane boys will be introducing tracks from their long awaited debut album scheduled to hit shelves later this year. Art of Sleeping’s brand of sprawling indie rock has won them a lot of admirers who will be itching to get a first look at the band’s new material. If the promise of new tunes isn’t enough, the quality of the supporting acts alone make this gig a real bargain. Jesse Davidson, known for his gorgeous rendition of Childish Gambino on Triple J’s Like a Version, is worth the early entry. While the psychedelic dream pop of Nick Sowersby’s well-oiled Sunbeam Sound Machine could easily steal the show. This one is definitely worth dropping the pens for.

June 12th at Corner Hotel. Tickets $20.

TV On The Radio

Another long day of studying. You tried putting it off, ‘procrastibaking’ some amazing cupcakes, actually finding the time to exercise twice and even clean your room. But the two lectures you did finish deserve a reward, don’t they? You need a healthy balance, right? Luckily, the sonic genius of TV On the Radio is here to give you the boost you need to continue on through the darkness. The Brooklyn quintet are a group that have a little something for everybody, with an uplifting endeavour in every song being a signature of TV On The Radio’s eclectic back catalogue. With their five albums to date, TV On the Radio have proven their status as one of the most innovative bands of the decade. Their sound blends synths, heavy rock guitars, soulful vocals and even Motown harmonies into a funky, jazzy, sexy cocktail of perfection. Visiting Australia as part of Sydney’s Vivid LIVE festival, TV On The Radio will light up The Forum with hits ‘Wolf Like Me’, ‘DLZ’ and recent single ‘Happy Idiot’ on Saturday 13th. If you are looking for excuse to take the night off, TV On the Radio is the perfect reason to ‘pack er up’ and head to town.

June 13th at The Forum. Tickets $75.