Review: Tom Ballard “UnAustralian(ish)”

Sunday, 4 May, 2014

You may recognise Tom Ballard as a former Triple J presenter. He recently gave up his post to focus on comedy, and thus, ‘UnAustralian(ish)’ was born. His show is essentially a family slideshow of a childhood trip around our glorious land. It’s packed with photos of his dad in short shorts, direct excerpts from his brother’s diary and a primary school rendition of ‘Advance Australia Fair’. It’s also the place to go for spot-on impressions of Australian bogans.

Ballard is a classic Gen Y figure who references The Lion King a few too many times. His show is hilarious but perhaps only for people who know who he is; his anecdotes are very family centred. He does, however, talk about national pride and identity in a way that anyone could relate to.

Ballard’s comedy is self-deprecating and a little sick at times but relevant to Australia’s current political state. He uses humour to express his opinion about our treatment of asylum seekers – spoiler alert: he thinks it’s shit.

‘UnAustralian(ish)’ is a great show that points out the good and bad things about our country. Tom Ballard is funny as anything and obviously cares a lot about our country.