REVIEW: Wizard Sandwiches’ The Last Lunch

Friday, 9 May, 2014

If a ‘farrago’ is a confused mixture, this might just be the perfect magazine in which to review comedy quintet Wizard Sandwiches. Their performance of The Last Lunch at Trades Hall one Thursday evening was a delightfully confused mixture—and it added up to a tasty meal. Just like the combinación plate at your local Mexican restaurant.

The audience embarked on an hour long journey of interconnected sketches that began (speak of the devil) on a Mexican airline—complete with sombreros, ukeleles and tacos—and ended only when the group collectively succumbed to a stroke, announced with élan by an unseen Frenchman.

Don’t think Wizard Sandwiches lean too heavily on national stereotypes for laughs though. Their jokes span a diverse universe of laugh-provoking sources—lots of absurdism, no racism. Perhaps the funniest and most accomplished moment of the show is a mime nestled in quietly about halfway through, featuring just one member of the gang. The actor mimes adeptly along to a wildly evolving backdrop of sound effects ranging from police chase sirens and screeches to the insistent buzzing of a vibrator. The balance between his (impressive) ability to keep up with the soundtrack’s rollercoaster narrative and his bewilderment at its manic progress is comedic magic.

These guys may not yet have the finesse of comedy’s greats, but they sure are funny, and the show is entertainment every minute. Throw Wizard Sandwiches a few pesos and board their aeroplane if you get a chance—it’s a great farrago of a time.