Special Considerations Policy Reconsidered

Saturday, 30 May, 2015

The University has reviewed and updated its Special Consideration Policy to replace relevant policies previously scattered in different sections.

The updated policy draws together various circumstances including special consideration for elite athletes, elite performers, defence reservists, and emergency volunteers, as well as disability support.

It also addresses other forms of special consideration, such as allowing extended leave of absence on medical grounds without it counting towards leave of absence.

As the policy now stands, special consideration may be granted to students for an assessment task in a subject, or part or the whole of a teaching session for one or more subjects. Extensions of up to two weeks can still be applied for directly through the relevant subject co-ordinator.

Requests for special consideration can be made by students when there are, as the policy reads, ‘exceptional or extenuating circumstances outside their control’ which have had a ‘significant and genuine effect’ on their studies.

This includes circumstances such as:

–       sudden acute illness or a serious medical condition

–       compassionate reasons

–       hardship or trauma

–       being called to military duty or having to participate in an elite sporting event or as an elite performer

–       significant religious or cultural reasons

–       short term or long term disability


It does not include:

–       exam / assessment stress or anxiety

–       misreading the examination timetable

–       transport issues

–       minor ailments

–       difficulties with the English language

–       personal commitments or events

–       usual demands of employment and employment-related travel

–       failure to back up assignments to multiple devices or to use virus checking software.

The policy advises that students apply for special consideration as early as possible, and requires that applications for formal exam-related special consideration be made within four working days following the exam date.

Requests for special consideration can be made online via the Student Portal.

To view the updated policy in full head to: policy.unimelb.edu.au/MPF1297