Students protest at Julie Bishop’s visit to University of Melbourne

Friday, 20 June, 2014

The University of Melbourne was host to another in a string of protests against government cabinet members today. Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop was met this morning by a group of student protesters outside the Law Building. She had been giving a welcome speech at a summit on economics and sustainability. No one was harmed but one protester was pinned down and temporarily detained by police after running after Bishop’s car as she left the building.

This event comes after a protest against Bishop at the University of Technology, Sydney one month ago. At that protest students were accused of assaulting the Minister.

The protesters surrounded the entrances to the Law Building during Bishop’s speech at 9:30 this morning. They vocalised their thoughts on the government’s proposed changes to higher education. The protesters were blocked from the building by rows of police surrounding the main entrances.

Police barricaded the Law Building as students protested.

Police barricaded the Law Building as students protested.

Bishop was escorted out through a side door and into a car before the protesters could reach her. One student ran after the car and was pinned down by the police. The student was held and handcuffed. The protesters then turned their attention to the police, chanting, “This is a peaceful protest.”