Free pill-testing kits for students: UMSU’s harm reduction initiative

Today, the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) launched the first session of workshops for our Safer Partying Initiative, a program based around principles of holistic harm reduction in drug use. We’re excited to launch this program now, especially in the lead up to the summer festival season where we know drug related deaths are the biggest threat for young people.

In these workshops led by DanceWize (Harm Reduction Victoria), UMSU will provide honest evidence-based education around drug use including the risks, stigmas associated, and ways to look after yourself and your friends. Literature and easy access information about safe drug use will also be provided, and after the workshop students who have participated will receive a token for 3 reagent pill-testing kits to be collected from Harm Reduction Victoria.

While UMSU does not condone the use of illicit substances, we recognise that young people will partake in drug use regardless, and the best way to prevent drug-related harm is through harm reduction strategies.


Desiree Cai

UMSU President