Cheap eats

Let’s face it, settling into uni is exhausting enough. You have to find somewhere to live and remember to go to lectures and tutes. You have a never-ending series of pub crawl commitments, and the free O Week BBQs can only last for so long. Sometimes the stress of finding cheap food can be enough to drive you back to your subpar high school canteen.

Thankfully, Parkville’s got you covered. Everyone knows students are poor, and there are a whole bunch of places that adjust their prices accordingly. Here are some of the food places open in 2021 that are failsafe when your stomach starts burbling uncontrollably (most often in the silent Baillieu library).

HOHO’S CANTEEN – Outside Union House
American and Italian food for breakfast, lunch, coffee and drinks. Pasta, salads, frittatas, house baked peanut butter cookies and more.

PRONTO PIZZA – Outside Union House
Carbs galore: Pasta, bureks, croissants, cheesecakes, and of course, a large assortment of pizza slices including vegetarian options.

Express Kebabs has a range of fast and delicious kebab offerings that won’t cost you an arm and a leg! Whether you’re a meat-lover seeking out the chicken or lamb snack pack or a vegetarian after the falafel meal, they have got you covered.

CARTE CREPES – John Medley Building
Carte Crepes, as the name suggests, offers delicious French-style crepes! Starting from $4 for a classic lemon and sugar crepe to $7.50 for a salted caramel, banana and Nutella crepe, they have a crepe flavour for every tastebud! They also have savoury options as well as great coffee and fresh juices.

ZAMBRERO – Union House
Feeling moreish for some guac and chips? Zambrero has got you covered! Offering a range of healthy tacos, nachos and burritos with options that are vegan and vegetarian friendly that won’t break the bank!

BREW SISTERS – Stop 1 (757 Swanston St)
Cheap coffee alert! Although not technically considered a food, the Brew Sisters have great coffee with a great price to match. They also offer toasties, banana bread and other sweet goodies!

AXIL – Ground floor, WEBS Building
Besides from the great coffee AXIL offers a range of delicious $7 jaffle toasties! Coming in a range of different flavours, AXIL’s toasties will appeal to meat-lovers and vegetarians alike. If toasties aren’t your thing then they also have pre-made salads, pastries and other sweet treats.

Obviously this list is far from exhaustive. Just walk into Union House and you’ll be swamped with choices.

But we have to say, that’s the fun part: exploring your campus and its surrounds, and compiling your own tailored list. There’s something for everyone — enjoy finding your own fit!

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