2019 Club Locker Applications

We are accepting locker applications for 2019 lockers. Expression of interest open at 10 am on Jan 21 and close at 10 am on February 24.  Late applications will then be considered after all other allocations are made.

Please note that we have a very good number of medium-sized lockers, and very few large lockers. Thus, we encourage clubs to apply for medium lockers.

Application Process

Read this page and the Policy then fill in the form.


At the close of applications, C&S Staff will allocate lockers.

  1. Lockers will be allocated based on merit, taking into account needs of applicant clubs such as amount of goods needing storage and frequency of use – all timely locker applications received will be considered.
  2. Applications that do not provide details of anticipated used will be only considered after applications that do.
  3. Late applications will only be considered after all timely applications.
  4. Large locker applications will be considered first, with any that cannot be fulfilled being rolled into the medium locker applications. If the medium locker applications are unfulfilled they roll into the small locker applications. If the small locker applications are unfulfilled they unfortunately do not get lockers (the exception with this would be if there are some free large or medium lockers).

Confirmation & Occupation

Once allocations are complete all successful locker applicants will be notified to come in to sign the Confirmation form and receive the locker allocation and keys or lock. Only a member of the executive may sign the confirmation, receive the allocation and the lock. A copy of the Confirmation will be provided to the club. Any allocations that have not been collected before the end of Week 1 will be reassigned to the next eligible applicant.

Before you apply you must read the Locker & Storage Area Policy

Conditions of Use

  1. Only a member of the club executive may apply for a locker and receive the allocation and lock.
  2. Lockers must be cleared by December 10th or upon request by C&S Staff each year or the contents will be recycled or thrown away.
  3. If a club is wound up or disaffiliated the locker must be cleared immediately (within one week) or the contents will be recycled or thrown away.
  4. All damage must be immediately reported to C&S Staff.
  5. No perishable food or drink is to be stored in the locker.
  6. No cash or other valuables may be stored in the locker.
  7. Only materials for club activities may be stored in the locker.
  8. While the Student Union will endeavour to provide a secure facility, all items are stored in the locker at the club’s own risk.
  9. The club may only use the lock provided by Clubs & Societies.
  10. The padlock and combination must be returned to C&S Staff when the locker has been cleared each year.
  11. The combination of the lock will only be provided to members of the club executive.
  12. The locker must be left clean and empty, with all shelves inside, when it is vacated.
  13. If the club fails to fulfill any of these conditions of use it will not be eligible for locker use in the following year.

Apply for a Locker here