Students’ Council Membership

Students’ Council is the paramount governing body of the University of Melbourne Student Union.

There are 15 General Representatives (plus 6 elected representatives for special constituencies – Queer, Indigenous, International, Graduate, Students with Disabilities and Students of Colour), all of whom are elected at the annual student elections in September.

Each Office Bearer is additionally a non-voting member of Students’ Council.

Students’ Council General Representatives (in order of election)

The current members of Students’ Council, and the tickets on which they were elected are:

Blake Atmaja (More!)

Noni Bridger (Stand Up!)

Kayley Cuzzubbo (More!)

Hannah Buchan (Stand Up!)

Jacob Sacher (More!)

Rajan Dominic Roque Ilagan (Stand Up!)

Catriona Smith (More!)

Elizabeth Tembo (Stand Up!)

Rory O’Kane (More!)

Stephanie Zhang (Independent Media)

Jessica Miller (Stand Up!)

Sukhmani Randhawa (More!)

Melinda Suter (欢迎国际学生加入)

Anneke d’Emanuele (Left Focus)

Nick Reich (Extend the Free Tram Zone)

Queer Representative on Students’ Council

Katie Doherty (More!)

Indigenous Representative on Students’ Council

Serena Rae Thompson (The Biggest Blackest Ticket) Elected Unopposed

International Representative on Students’ Council

Annie Liew (Stand Up!)

Graduate Representative on Students’ Council

Travis Hughes (Stand Up!)

Students with Disabilities Representative on Students’ Council

Adriana Mells (Stand Up!)

Students of Colour Representative on Students’ Council

Hanady Kaik (Stand Up!)