Residential (Rural and Regional) Program

Please note that the below information relates to the 2021 online program. More information about the 2022 program, including the residential program, will be available later in the year. If you would like more information about the program when it becomes available, you can sign up to our expression of interest list here.

The Rural and Regional Program provides additional activities, workshops and support students from rural and regional backgrounds.

The program runs alongside the VCE Summer School, meaning you will be attending classes and workshops run by the VCE Summer School, as well as being a part of a group of students participate in additional activities specifically designed to meet the needs of students from rural and regional backgrounds.

The program is led by university students many of whom come from rural and regional areas, who will share their experience and insights into VCE and coming to University.

You will also have the opportunity to meet and form friendships with other VCE students from all across Victoria.

Places on the Rural and Regional Program are limited and as such preference is given to students based on need.