All tutors are required to attend training and have completed at least one year of tertiary study prior to the beginning of the program in January 2020.

Subject Tutor

Subject tutors are responsible for tutoring a class generally containing between 10 and 15 students in a particular VCE subject.

Applicants for subject tutor must be friendly and approachable, with strong leadership and social skills. Also essential is a detailed knowledge of the subject area: we recommend having studied the subject or equivalent at least at first-year university level. Additional information on the curriculum for each of the subjects can be found on the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority website’s VCE Study Design page.

Time commitment: Subject tutors are required to attend either Tutor Camp (29/11/19 – 1/12/19) or Tutor Training Day (Late November). The minimum time commitment is six lessons (an hour each) spread out over the two weeks, in addition to the time needed to plan and prepare classes beforehand. Subject Tutors must also be available to assist at one Guided Private Study session and one-on-one tutoring during the program.

In addition, tutors are encouraged to contribute to the extra-curricular environment during the program and involve themselves in the VCESS community, particularly through providing additional tutoring for students. Subject tutors can tutor more than one subject.

Full Subject Tutor position description

Subject Coordinator

Subject coordinators are tutors who have volunteered to write the booklet – a maximum of forty pages – for their subject, and teach at least one class in that subject. This booklet will be distributed to all students and tutors of the subject. They are responsible for providing subject content to tutors, and communicating on a regular basis with the tutors teaching their subject.

Applicants for this role must have a strong academic background as well as effective leadership and communication skills. They must have an in depth knowledge of their subject area, and will review the changes to the 2019 curriculum listed on the VCAA website. They will be provided with subject booklets from the previous year (where available).

Time commitment: Subject booklets are due in early November, so please consider this when applying for this role. Attendance at Tutor Camp is optional, however, highly recommended. Coordinators must be available for Subject Coordinator Facilitation day (September) and Tutor Training Day (Late November).

Full Subject Coordinator position description

Residential Tutor

The residential team consists of a Residential Coordinator and eight Residential Tutors. The primary aim of this team is to provide pastoral support and supervision for the residential students. The Residential Program allows 80 students from rural and regional Victoria the opportunity to participate in the VCE Summer School Program. Residential Tutors are responsible for the organisation and execution of the evening residential activities, in conjunction with the Residential Coordinator.

Applicants must be responsible, supportive team players with the capacity to respond effectively in high-pressure situations. The Coordinator of this team will be responsible for managing the team, ensuring the residential program runs smoothly and liaising with the Directors and the Welfare Team as necessary.

Experience organising a similar residential program or camp is desirable.

Time commitment: Residential tutors are required to attend Tutor Camp (29/11/19 – 1/12/19), Welfare training, and Team meetings before the program. Residential Tutors are required to stay on campus with the residential students at St Hilda’s College. The Residential Program begins on Sunday (5/1/2020) and concludes the evening of Friday (17/1/2020). Some tutors will be required to stay for one night on the middle weekend.

Full Residential Tutor and Residential Coordinator position descriptions.

Activities Team

The Activities Team consists of six people who will organise and run activities and workshops during the program. You are the custodians of fun at VCESS. Duties will include planning, organisation, set up, clean up and promotion of activities and other fun things. Applicants should be comfortable working in a team environment.

The Coordinator of this team will be responsible for managing the team and ensuring that all activities are prepared before the beginning of the Program and run smoothly during. Applicants should be responsible and have experience in leadership roles.

Time Commitment: Members of the Activities Team are required to be available before and during the two weeks to set up and run all activities. Members of the Activities Team are required to attend Tutor Camp (29/11/19 – 1/12/19) and other meetings and training as required.

Full Activities Team  member position description.

Welfare Team

The Welfare Team ensures the well-being of both students and tutors during the program, with a particular focus on mental well-being. They are responsible for facilitating an inclusive, supportive and safe environment for all VCESS participants.  This includes ensuring the program is accessible and appropriate for those of different genders, sexualities, abilities and social backgrounds.

The selected candidates for this role must adhere to privacy and confidentiality guidelines and would ideally have experience in social work, youth counselling, psychology or similar fields is preferred.

This team is led by the Welfare Coordinator. The Position Descriptions are below.

Queer Representative:

The Welfare Team Queer Representative should fulfill the normal duties of a member of the welfare team, with a particular focus on providing pastoral care and support to students and tutors who identify as Queer and/or Questioning. The Representative should also be prepared to help the program identify further ways we can support Queer and Questioning students in the program, and identify as Queer themselves.

Time Commitment: The Welfare Team is required to attend Mental Health First Aid training funded by VCE Summer School and are required to be available for Tutor Camp (29/11/19 – 1/12/19) and Training Day (Late November). They are also required to be on campus for the entire two weeks of the program 9am–4pm. The Welfare Team will be invited to assist at the Residential Program when required.

Full Welfare Team , Queer Representative and Welfare Coordinator position descriptions.

Zine Editor

The Zine Editors are responsible for the publication of the Summer School magazine – the Zine (about four A4 pages) – a  publication for students and tutors that contains a schedule for the day’s events, necessary program information, helpful study tips, and fun activities. In addition to the daily Zines, the Zine Editors are also responsible for producing the final ‘Megazine’ of around 20 pages at the end of the program. Zine Editors will also be responsible for liaising with the program’s Social Media Coordinators to engage and communicate with students.

Applicants should have publishing, design or similar media experience or alternatively a journalistic interest. (e.g., Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher or equivalent programs), or be willing to learn. Applicants must be very comfortable working with a team to meet strict deadlines.

The Coordinator of this team will be responsible for managing the team and ensuring that during the program it functions smoothly and that all deadlines are met. Applicants should be responsible and have experience in leadership roles, in addition to the other skills required by the Zine team.

Time Commitment: Zine Editors are required to be available the entire two weeks, have access to a camera and adhere to strict deadlines. Attendance at Tutor Camp (29/11/19 – 1/12/19) is required to allow Editors to familiarise themselves with the processes of the program.

Full Zine Editor position description

Group Leader

Group Leaders are responsible for the wellbeing of all VCESS students. They are required to meet with a group of 8-10 students to deliver daily updates and relevant information. They provide a key contact point for students during the program and are crucial to developing an enthusiastic, positive Summer School community. This includes leading their group in activities throughout the VCESS Program.

Applicants should be enthusiastic, committed to the program, and ideally should possess leadership experience.

Group Leader Coordinators will be a point of contact for group leaders and will be expected to support group leaders with the provision of activities and suggestions for how to best engage their groups. Applicants should be responsible and have experience in leadership roles, and will ideally have previous experience as a Group Leader on the program.

Time Commitment: Group leaders are required to be on campus daily before their group leading session to collect information and be ready to mark attendance at group meetings. They must also be available to lead their group through activities. Attendance at Tutor Camp (29/11/19 – 1/12/19) is compulsory.

Full Group Leader position description

Operations Team

The Operations Team are responsible for assisting Directors with the logistics of Summer School. Duties will include ensuring that spaces are maintained, equipment for activities and workshops is secured, and that classes are running according to the timetable. This role requires highly developed organisational and problem-solving skills, a high level of dedication, and the ability to work under pressure in a team environment.

The Coordinator of this team will be responsible for managing the team and liaising with Directors to ensure that all operational aspects of the Program run smoothly. Applicants should be responsible and have experience in organisational and leadership roles.

Time Commitment: The Operations team are required on campus each day between 8.30am and 4.00pm for the duration of the two weeks. Attendance at Tutor Camp (29/11/19 – 1/12/19) is compulsory.

Full Operations Team and IT Representative: Operations Team member position description

Tutor Support Officer

Tutor Support Officers are experienced tutors who are willing to be a point of contact for tutors and subject coordinators on teaching strategies, classroom management advice and general tutoring assistance.

Applicants should be experienced tutors, approachable, discreet and responsible.  Tutor Support Officers will observe all new tutors to the program, and support them in developing their skills.

Time Commitment: Tutor Support Officers should be available throughout the entire Summer School from 9.00am to 5.00pm daily to provide support and assistance to tutors. This role can be combined with that of Subject Coordinator.  Tutor Support Officers are further required to provide workshops and training to tutors at both Tutor Camp (29/11/19 – 1/12/19), Tutor Training Day (21/11/2019) and Subject Coordinator Facilitator Day (September).

Full Tutor Support Officer position description

Social Media Coordinator

Social Media Coordinators plan and deliver content on VCESS’ social media channels (including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat) to increase engagement and communicate with potential and actual program participants both before and during the program. This is a new role and applicants should be passionate about communicating with diverse groups of people, have organisational and time-management skills, and be interested in or have experience in social media management, marketing, media and communications or design.

Time Commitment: Social Media Coordinators will be required to deliver content as they best see fit throughout the year; the time commitment will depend on the Coordinators’ proposed strategy in consultation with the Directors. Social Media Coordinators should also plan to be present throughout the Summer School to capture and share VCESS events and content throughout the program (6th January to 17th January), and should also plan to be present at major events. Attendance at Tutor Camp (29/11/19 – 1/12/19) is compulsory.

Full Social Media Coordinator position description.