UMSU Host Program

UMSU’s Host Program is all about welcoming new students to uni life here at the University of Melbourne.  It’s a program run by students, of students, for students, taking place at the start of every semester during orientation week. 

Our Volunteer hosts will be leading groups through some icebreakers and fun games, and take students on a faculty-specific tour of the campus.  With tips about everything from academia to UniMelb’s best coffee places, the Host Program will help get you ready for uni life.  You’ll be automatically included in a Host Tour as part of your Melbourne Peer Mentor Program, and we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Hosts are current University of Melbourne students that support the orientation of new students.  As a host, you not only provide a faculty-specific tour around campus, but offer the students insights into to what university is like (from a student’s perspective) and the best tips to help new students get settled at university.  Doing some icebreakers and playing some fun games with the students to help them get to know one another is also part of your job!

Alongside the satisfaction of welcoming and orienting a whole cohort of first years, being a host provides you with an excellent opportunity to cross off a few volunteering hours that can go towards your LiCA (Leaders in Community Award), and we may even just toss some UMSU merch your way.

Where possible, hosts will be assigned a group from the same faculty as their own. You don’t need any experience to be a host – just a basic idea of how to talk to students, navigate the campus, and perhaps some suggestions for the best coffee shop around UniMelb!

Faculty specific Host Days will be confirmed and dates / times will be published soon.
  • All volunteer hosts must be available on their faculty specific day.
  • New hosts must also attend a one-hour group interview (starting from January 2022) and one of our two-hour training sessions in January/February 2021.
  • Returning hosts need only attend a one-hour training session.


Applications for volunteer hosts are now OPEN.  Click here

Applications close midnight 31 January 2022!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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