UMSU Host Program

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Welcome to the University of Melbourne!

UMSU’s Host Program is all about welcoming new students to uni life here at the University of Melbourne.  It’s a program run by students, of students, for students, taking place at the start of every semester during orientation week.  All new students are grouped with others from their degree.  Volunteer hosts then lead the groups through some icebreakers and fun games, help foster some new friendships, and take students on a faculty-specific tour of the campus.  With tips about everything from academia to UniMelb’s best coffee places, the Host Program will help get you ready for uni life.  You’ll be hearing from us soon if you’re coming to UniMelb, so watch out for our emails!

New Students

Welcome to the University of Melbourne!  It’s great to have you join us!

Host Day for SummerFest 2020 has not yet been confirmed – check back soon!

All undergraduate students are invited to take part in a tour based on their faculty.  We hope you are excited to make some new friends and get to know the campus!  But if you’re feeling a little shy, fear not: us Host Program directors were just as nervous on our first day (who isn’t?), but the whole point of this program is to help you meet some new, friendly faces right from the get go!

If you are not allocated to a group (including if you are a postgraduate student), feel free to join another one on the day – you’ll meet lots of interesting people!  On Host Day, head down to the Volunteering Hub (V-Hive) at Union House where we’ll have a stall set up to help you find a host.  Or you can join a Host Program tour you see making their way around campus – just look out for a host wearing an UMSU shirt/jumper and carrying one of our Host Program flags!

Host Program is for everyone and we will do everything we can to accommodate you on the day – just contact us to let us know how we can assist.

When details for SummerFest 2020 have been confirmed, you will be able to find out more information about the tours via the ‘Join a tour’ link below!  Also, don’t forget to check our our Speed Friending and Games Night events which will also be running during SummerFest!

Current Students

Hosts are current University of Melbourne students that support the orientation of new students.  As a host, you not only provide a faculty-specific tour around campus, but offer the students insights into to what university is like (from a student’s perspective) and the best tips to help new students get settled at university.  Doing some icebreakers and playing some fun games with the students to help them get to know one another is also part of your job!

Where possible, hosts will be assigned a group from the same faculty as their own. You don’t need any experience to be a host – just a basic idea of how to talk to students, navigate the campus, and perhaps some suggestions for the best coffee shop around UniMelb!

Host Day for SummerFest 2020 has not yet been confirmed – check back soon!  All volunteer hosts must be available on this day, when confirmed.  New hosts must also attend a one-hour group interview and one of our two-hour training sessions in January/February. Returning hosts need only attend a one-hour training session.

Applications for volunteer hosts are now CLOSED but will re-open for SummerFest 2020 in late semester 2!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Apply to be a Host Program Director!

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