Peer Support Program

Volunteers are trained to provide support to other students who are called to a Course Academic Progress Committee (CAPC) meeting. These committees have the authority restrict and in some cases even terminate a student’s enrolment, so the meetings are a big deal for the students involved.

As a volunteer for this program you are limited to a support role, so you won’t be required to speak or advocate for students in the meeting. You are to be available to students on the day of the CAPC meetings. If a student would like your support, you can assist them by talking to them before their meeting, attending the meeting with them to take notes and debriefing immediately after their meeting.

2020 Dates:

Meetings are usually held after the final release of results. Which is 10 July for Semester 1, and 4 December for Semester 2.

Training & shifts:

You will attend training on how to support students, the CAPC process, and how to refer to relevant University support services. You will be assisted by student mentors and Advocacy staff. You must be available to attend training.

To take part in the program, you must be at least in your second year of study, attend the training, and be available during some of the committee meeting period. Shifts are normally broken up into morning and afternoon shifts with regular breaks including a 30-60 minute lunch break. If you are not available for the whole period, but only for a few shifts, we still welcome your assistance.

How to apply:

Applications for semester 2 2019 have now closed. To apply for this program please check back closer to the end of semester 1 2020 when applications open again.