Global Climate Strike

WARNING: Incoming Climate Catastrophe

This is why I’m asking you to strike on Friday…

Molly Willmott, UMSU President

This Friday, there will be a mass walk out of students and young people for climate justice. The Global Climate strike comes at a time when world leaders are meeting to discuss the response to climate change. This strike is to tell them that they’re not doing enough.

In a 2019 survey conducted by the National Union of Students, 82.2% of students said that action should be taken on climate change, even at the expense of economic growth.

Climate change is a student issue. Our future employment ambitions and the opportunities  tertiary education offers us are under threat in the face of climate disaster/catastrophe. Extreme weather events and depleting resources will engender insecure work conditions, housing crisis, and instability of necessities like agriculture and water. It was announced this week that there will be parts of NSW that will run out of water by November due to extreme drought.  This is not a conversation of how future generations are affected by this anymore, it is our generation that will be the first to experience the effects of climate change.

It is the role of students to shape the future we want to live in. The student movement has been at forefront of fighting cuts to education, ending conscription, and protecting vulnerable groups—including refugees, queer folk, and women. Climate change and saving our planet is our next fight.

This is why I’m asking you all to strike on Friday.

This Friday, students, university staff, and workers from around the state will be striking for climate justice. They will be joining a global movement to end climate change. We are demanding the following from Australian and world leaders:
1. No new coal, oil and gas projects, including the Adani mine.
2. 100% renewable energy generation and exports by 2030.
3. Fund a just transition and job creation for all fossil-fuel workers and communities.

This strike has been endorsed by the NTEU, UMSU, and the University has endorsed student and staff participation. If you are concerned about academic impacts of your involvement in the strike, contact your subject coordinators and tutors and notify them of your attendance. As of last week, subject coordinators have been asked by UniMelb to be accommodating to those participating.

The University of Melbourne contingent will be meeting at 11:30 in front of Wilson Hall.

The University contingent will be meeting at the State Library of Victoria at 1pm.

The main strike will congregate at Treasury Gardens at 2pm.

Ultimately, we can’t study on a dead planet. I hope to see you on Friday.