Holy Lands

21-31 October 2014
Closing night, Thursday 30 October, 5-7 PM

Eleanor Louise Butt, Vivian Cooper Smith, Nina Gilbert, Pip Grenda, Melanie Irwin, Gina Nero, Aaron Christopher Rees, Thomas Rennie, Kate Robertson, and Jo Scicluna

Curated by Jake Treacy


Holy Lands is an exhibition situated between lands. It is an earthed forum, like a sacred circle drawn into dirt, wherein a consecrated gathering of contemporary Australian artists map the landscape.  Scars and valleys, mountains and veins, the water which dislocates and unites, and terrain mirroring the expanse of the sky.

Yet, like the slow and ancient dance of tectonic plates, it is also an exhibition very much about transience and movement, and therein becomes an activated space. Holy Lands follows the tracings of the nomad, charting human rhythmic movements and engagements with the landscape, and how this figure sings the landscape and its song to life. With this in mind, the George Paton Gallery becomes a crossroad, a point of communal sharing of narrative, myth and product which the artists
exchange with one another and the viewer.

As curator, I encourage you to also follow the sensibilities of the nomad as you walk these holy lands. Please, leave your petrosomatoglyph for the ages. Allow the gravitational push and pull, in and out, sway your navigation through the gallery space; find lines and circles within this landscape; connect them and intercept them. The power of the line and the capacity of the circle, as visual and expressive motifs, connect and unify each artist within Holy Lands, making it a map to be charted and experienced, a topography of these contemporary artists. Do not be afraid to get lost, as your meanderings may yield surprising delights of imagery and meaning.

Performance by Melanie Irwin: 5pm to 6:30pm Thursday 23 October, George Paton Gallery
Entry is FREE, no booking required. The affect of this performance may be viewed throughout the duration of the exhibition, as a monument/memory in the gallery’s landscape.

IMAGE: Kate Robertson, Cosmic Walk #1. Solarised silver gelatin print (photogram) with toner, 2013