scooby apocalpyse

New Comics – April 2017

  • Kennel block blues by Ryan Ferrier CO FER
  • Wytches Vol.1 by Scott Snyder CO WIT
  • Night of the living deadpool by Cullen Bunn CO DEA
  • Scooby apocalypse by Keith Giffen CO SCO
  • Batman detective comics Vol.7 anarky by Brian Buccellato CO BAT
  • Uncanny X-men Vol.1 revolution by Brian Michael Bendis CO UNC
  • The mighty Thor Vol.1 thunder in her veins by Jason Aaron CO THO
  • Love is love by various CO LOV
  • Ms Marvel Vol.6 civil war II by G. Willow Wilson CO MSM
  • Kurosagi corpse delivery service Vol.14  Eiji Otsuka CO OTS
  • Gantz Vol.2 Hiroya Oku CO OKU
  • Attack on titan Vol.20 by Hajime Isayama CO ATT
  • Harley Quinn Vol. 3 Kiss Kiss Bang Stab by Amanda Conner CO HAR
  • Reindeer boy by Cassandra Jean CO JEA
  • New lone wolf and cub Vol.3 by Kazo Koike CO KOI
  • iZombie vol.1 dead to the world by Chris Robertson CO IZO
  • Tokyo ghoul vol.1 by Sui Ishida CO TOK
  • Black butler Vol.5 by Yana Toboso CO BLA
  • Tokyo ghost vol.1 the atomic garden by Rick Remender CO TOK
  • Black panther vol.2 a nation under out feet by Ta-Nehisi Coates CO BLA
  • The best we could do: an illustrated memoir by Thi Bui CO BUI