PHRM30009 Drugs in Biomedical Experiments

Recommended? Yes

Available as breadth? Yes

If you are interested in biomedical research this subject is for you! This subject exposes students to a totally hands on approach to biomedicine, pharmacology and biochemistry.

You are required to attend one lab and one tutorial per week, where the practical skills get harder, but the experiments get way more interesting. By the end of the subject, you will be taking medication and controlling your own human drug trial. It is possible to undertake this subject without having second year pharmacology under your belt but it is not a good idea. The most difficult aspect of this subject is remembering to put every slight detail into your official laboratory notebook, which is assessed at the end of the subject. The most surprising characteristic of this subject is how well the pharmacology department ingrain certain ideas and abilities into your mind. The pipetting, analytical and organ bath skills all become second nature and are easily remembered in the exam. The practicals require a steady hand and an active mind, but overall the subject is incredibly stimulating  and useful to anyone interested in pharmacology or pursuing a career in research.