POLS20026 Politics and the Media

Recommended? Yes
Available as Breadth? Yes

This subject was a bit of a let-down, yet probably still worth taking if you had limited options for semester one, second year politics electives.

The tutes included weekly mind-numbingly repetitive hour of working through a series of questions and coming up with endless essay plans.

That being said, the lectures (despite being quite long, two hours in the morning, ergh) were great, and have a number of excellent (and some not so excellent) guest speakers come to talk to us. Another bonus was the small amount of reading material. In lieu of stacks of reading we were given compulsory short video interviews to watch. The subject is well-structured and it’s reasonably easy to gauge where you’re supposed to be at/what you’re supposed to know.

As for the assessment, it was all pretty standard with one short essay (1000 words, 25%) in April and one longer essay (2000 words, 50%) due in the exam period. The take-home exam due towards the end of the semester (2×500 word pieces, 25%) wasn’t too bad, there are worse politics courses you could take here.

It’s worth noting that this subject is catered towards Politics and Media and Communications Students. All in all, it was pretty good, but fairly media-theory heavy which may not be as exciting to a politics student.