Vote ‘No’ to UniMelb proposal — 29 May 2020


This week, Duncan Maskell (University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor) emailed all University of Melbourne staff about a proposal the University is seeking approval for in order to save the University money. The proposal would be a variation to the Enterprise Agreement, which is going to be taken to a vote to all staff members on June 9.

The proposal asked University staff members to take a 2.2% pay cut, but hid other aspects such as: reduced entitlements to redundancy pay, reduced notice of termination, no commitment to not stand-down staff, no effective job protection, reduced rights to information and consultation, and removed rights to arbitration of disputes by the fair work commission.

It is ridiculous that Duncan Maskell would ask our academic staff to take a pay cut to pay for this crisis. Even if these pay cuts were implemented, Duncan says that “it is inevitable that jobs will be lost.” The University has several billion dollars in reserves, so why should our academic staff agree to a dodgy deal which does not save any jobs?

This is an unfair attack on hard-working University staff. If this pay cut is about saving jobs, it makes no sense why this proposal gives the University greater power to exploit working conditions. Staff working conditions are student learning conditions. We support and stand in solidarity with the NTEU University of Melbourne Branch in their campaign to vote no to this proposal.

Hannah Buchan
UMSU President