Tyson’s welcome

As your President, I serve you. I need to know what you need, how you think and where your priorities lie:

  • Do you want more clubs or do you need greater access to legal services?
  • Are you making ends meet or would you like some support?
  • Are you a pizza or a burger person?

If I am asking all these questions of you, it is only fair I offer a little insight into my life and what I can do to best serve you and your fellow students. So here goes, this is me:

I am a proud Aboriginal man, with family hailing from the Pilbara and all over the top end of the Northern Territory. I used to live in a small community called Belyuen. It was pretty rough there for a long time but things are turning around. As Gavin Clarke’s son I get a bit teary at family events but it’s just the way the two of us are. I cried like a baby at my youngest sister Jordan’s 18th. My mum Cherie Holloway is my biggest hero, with Nelson Mandela coming a competitive second. It was her buying me a subscription to the Horrible Histories magazine when I was around 7 that inspired my life passion for history, giving me the easiest university Major choice of anyone I know. I am wrapping that all up this semester and I hope to start my Honours next.

I am a gamer and a nerd; in fact, I’d say I’m a semi-pro. No joke, I have over 2,000 League of Legends games on my record with the same group of mates from high school. Sadly I am a scrub. My favourite sport is mixed martial arts or MMA and I compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments in Melbourne and Tasmania. If I weren’t so committed to UMSU I’d probably try my hand at fighting toward a national ranking. If you ever seen me with a sling on you can tell it didn’t go well. I live at Trinity College where my sister Marley and I have made a home for the best years of our lives.

I got involved at UMSU during my first year in 2013. Eventually I’d end up running for as the Indigenous councillor and committee member for 2014 and in 2015 I was elected as the Indigenous Office Bearer. I got to start with a clean slate in a politically independent department and quickly set to work rebuilding what was a fractured community. Now, I hand the responsibility for that thriving and vibrant community over to my dear friend and colleague Emily. I have no doubt that things will only continue to get better.

All in all, I hope an insight into my life makes you feel more comfortable sharing your thoughts and experiences with me.

From here on in I am in your service as President and I am going to need your support and advice moving forward. How do you want UMSU to work for you? When it is the will of the many, it is our job to find a way.  

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