Presidents Welcome 2014

Hi and welcome to uni in 2014!

My name is Declan and I’m your 2014 UMSU President. 2014 is set to be an exciting year for UMSU we offer a range of services and opportunities to students I won’t go in detail about all of these but you can find our more about all of them on our website or in our O-Week guides.

This year UMSU is expanding to offer a wider variety of opportunities and benefits to students, we’re here to make sure that you get the most out of your time at uni, have a chance to make new friends and share new experiences with them. We want to facilitate a vibrant campus culture  with events such as  live music, movie nights and events held by one of our 150 clubs. And we’re also here to represent you to the university part of my role involves lobbying for improvements in things like lecture recordings, and uniwirless  and holding meetings with the university to make sure that the voice of students is heard. We’re also here if you ever get into trouble with the university or are accused of plagiarism through our free advocacy and legal service.

In 2014 we’ll also be offering an UMSU membership  that will offer you new discounts and additional benefits. We’ll also establishing our new volunteering service that will provide opportunities for students to gain experience in new areas and add to their time at University.

As part of my role in 2014 I’ll be working towards establishing new services, and opportunities for students like yourself to get involved with UMSU, while I’ll also be continuing to work on representing you to the university.  My key priorities will include that students are consulted over any changes made at the university through re structures and changes to courses, and keeping the university accountability.  I’ll be having regular meetings with the Provost and other senior university staff to discuss issues that affect you. I’ll also be focusing on improving our representation and events at some of our smaller non-parkville campuses such as burnley and the VCA.

UMSU is a student run organisation and we aim to take all or direction from you and other students like yourself, and all our representatives are elected in student elections each year. So if you have any thoughts or feedback feel free to contact myself or any other our other student representatives.

Good luck for 2014!