25 March – 4 April

Closing Night, Thursday 3 April, 5-7pm

Olivia Koh, Elizabeth McInnes and Aaron Christopher Rees


Proscenium |prəˈsēnēəm, prō-|
the part of a theater stage in front of the curtain.
• short for proscenium arch.
• the stage of an ancient theater.
Origin early 17th cent.: via Latin from Greek proskēnion, from pro ‘before’ + skēnē ‘stage.’

Proscenium explores the photographic in the context of a constructed stage to be viewed. It examines the flatness of the photographic print, the illusionary aspect of representation. The proscenium arch creates a frame in which to view a show, a window onto another world, where the viewer’s vision is decided peremptorily – every angle of the auditorium is constituted equally.

The exhibition features a collection of photographic and spatial works articulating the artifice of visual representation, in an era which we see the acceleration of technology merging the visual world with that of the surface.  A number of works engage with analogue processes to uncover the reliance on the apparatus in the production of images. In Proscenium, the materials used to construct an image will be made prominent to create a moving composition, a shifting outline that extends the image and frame relationship.

See the installation photos here.